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About us

Pivovarna Union d.d. is today one of the largest joint-stock enterprises in Slovenia. State-of-the-art technology and equipment, together with premium-quality ingredients and longstanding expertise, allow the company to accomplish its primary objective: to offer the consumer nothing but the very best!

Union’s main product has always been - and indeed still remains - its beer (Union lager, Union dark beer, Union Radler shandy, as well as the Union non-alcoholic beer).

In addition to beer, the company also produces Sola, a range of refreshing non-alcoholic beverages, near water ZA (Za life, Za harmony, Za symphony), water Nula (Nula raspberry in Nula grapefruit) as well as Zala spring water. Plans for the future encompass fully meeting market trends and requisites, further improvement of the existing product ranges, as well as the development and introduction of the new ones.

Through accomplishing its objectives – namely Pivovarna Union's vision as well as its mission - Brewery employees continue to perform well, and thus ensure the satisfaction and contentment of shareholders and customers alike.