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The superior quality of Union pale lager is the result of a modern technology and brewing tradition that we have meticulously nurtured since 1864. Our beer is brewed only from the most carefully selected natural ingredients. It is not widely known that the Union Brewery draws the entire volume of the best quality water used in its beers from its own wells, as has been the practice from the early days of its foundation. The beer’s full flavor cut with medium bitterness, pleasant taste and its sparkling golden amber color make Union pale lager a delightful gastronomic experience. 

Union stout is a superior quality dark beer. Back in the day, original stout beer was brewed to be heavy and it was traditionally consumed only during winter. The Union Brewery brews a lighter stout with a distinctive roasted malt flavor. Selected restaurants and bars also serve draught Union stout. Beer connoisseurs and lovers also enjoy a mixture of Union lager and stout beers. 

Union Pils is beer that is produced through our original brewing procedure of pilsner beer. Its unique freshness provides a constant temptation to open a new bottle. 

Union non-alcoholic beer is a natural beverage for everyone who enjoys the taste of beer but who does not wish or cannot enjoy alcohol. The beverage was developed by the Union Brewery, which remains the only brewery in Slovenia making non-alcoholic beer. Union non-alcoholic beer is an isotonic beverage, therefore helping to maintain a balance of body fluids. 

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