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Union Radler

Radler refreshment

Union Radler
alc. 2.5 % vol.

Its fresh fruity flavor will mean that even your lady is convinced that beer is not only for men, but for women as well. Your better halves will no longer be bothered by having a beer while watching television and spending time with your friends, because Union Radler proves that a sip of beer can be a priceless experience. Have a “Osvežitev na cilju!” (Refreshment at the finish!)

A refreshing mixture of beer and a flavored drink contains only 2.5 % vol. of alcohol, so see for yourself how sips of distinctive flavors can refresh you even before the finish line.     

Union non-alcoholic Radler 

Non-alcoholic Radler is a mixture of non-alcoholic beer and a refreshing drink.

Whether it is jogging in nature, spending time with friends, a concert of your favorite band, Radler always refreshes you whenever you most need it. You can quench thirst and refresh yourself with Radler’s non-alcoholic citrus-elder or apricot   flavors, which can also be consumed by youngsters because of its alcohol-free formula.

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