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Title: Union celebrated its success on the Outstanding 2017

9. 2. 2017
Union won in the category for the most innovative use of communication channel with campaign "Hello, live".

Europlakat, organizer of the competition Outstanding, each year award prizes to the most outstanding achievements in outdoor advertising in Slovenia. Interactive campaign »Hello, live«, which was developed in cooperation with the Agency Pristop, was stealing attention from random passengers on the most popular and crowded bus stations in Ljubljana via the citylights and live performances of a 5 young music groups. In the category for the most innovative use of communication channel this campaign stood out from the average and won the winning position.

Short description of a campaign: Young music groups Imperij, Sunshine & The Loud Clouds, MRFY, Mama rekla and Dandalion Children preformed live in Pivnica Union. At the same time their performance and live music was transfered on the citylights placed in the bus stations. Bands successfully enriched Summer afternoons in the city center of Ljubljana and changed boring experience of a bus waiting into something fun. Visitors were able to vote for their favorite music group on Unionovi website. The winning music group Mama rekla performed in the first advertisement  with live music on program Pop TV.