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New platform “Hello, life” toasts life with Slovenian legends

16. 5. 2016

In May, beer lovers were surprised by a redesigned communication of the Union trademark, which has started to write a new chapter of the beer-drinking history with its central communication platform “Hello, life”.

The company Heineken, which became a majority owner of Pivovarna Union in 2015, decided to renew the Union trademark, which is seen as a strategic potential for the future. The agency Pristop was selected to create their new communication platform.

The new strategy is based on the fact that Union has been at the heart of Ljubljana for 150 years. Accordingly, it desires to address young people between 25 and 35, who wish to experience life here and now. While Union has been proud of its dedicated and passionate attitude, the new story is full of boldness and openness, which are the central values of the trademark. 

The platform “Hello, life” came into being with its witty reinterpretation of two famous male mythological and literary heroes, King Matjaž and the Water Man. Revived in the present time, they toast their new lives with interesting twists in the heart of Pivovarna Union – in its famous pub.

With our new story 'Hello, life' we wished to open a new chapter of this strong Slovenian trademark and place Union on the field of bold appearance that will  be interesting, different, and very urban for users,” said Rumen Kolev, Board Member for Marketing, commenting on the new platform.  

Aljoša Bagola, Executive Creative Director of Pristop and author of the campaign, accompanied its creation with the following words: “When I was scribbling on the paper, thinking about a perfect slogan for the new era of the Union trademark, I wrote down in one moment 'Hello, life!'”. Immediately after that followed the idea about King Matjaž, who wakes up from his final destiny and, instead of new mythological obligations, he just drinks a beer with his new friends. Similar is the Water Man, who decides to propose a toast with beer to Urška instead of a fatal dance. This is a relaxed message to everybody, who suffer under duties and urgent tasks, not to forget to spend time with friends and toast life.”

The most prominent feature of the media channels will be TV advertisements with a special TV experiment, sophisticated solutions on city lights, and on digital channels that will be characterised by inclusion of users into new interesting adventures.