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150 years of one name

9. 5. 2014

The Union Brewery is celebrating its venerable anniversary by releasing retro editions of the Union Triglav, Union Amber, Union Ležak and Union Bok beers, as well as by staging special events, with the free UnionFest on June 6 and 7 in Tivoli Park the largest of these. Two days of sport and entertainment events will be marked by many Slovenian musicians: Čuki, Natalija Verboten, Andrej Šifrer, the Franc Mihelič Ensemble, Vili Resnik, Helena Blagne, Atomik Harmonik, Pero Lovšin and Rock Partyzani.

When presenting a 150 year long chronology of the Union Brewery, plans have been revealed in relation to the special pub which will open its doors to all beer enthusiasts in autumn this year. The entrance to the pub, which has 260 seats, will be from Celovška Street, and it will offer tasty food and a wide palette of beers and soft drinks which have been brewed in the Union Brewery for 150 years.