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The unforgettable 4 for the 150th anniversary!

11. 4. 2014

The unforgettable 4 FOR the 150th ANNIVERSARY! Get your own bottle of a jubilee edition!

The first one on the shelves!

Union Triglav – Strong as a mountain. A harmony of strong aromas, rich hop bitterness and high alcohol levels. Drink it with due respect and make time stop so that you can enjoy an abundance of good moments. 

From 2014 

Union Amber – Your eyes fall in love with the amber color of caramel malt. Your nose falls in love with the spicy aromas. When it touches your tongue, this love story is then wrapped in a gentle hop bitterness. Another one, please! 

From July 2014

Union Ležak – The classic that is never out of fashion now flirts with drinkers in the most genuine manner, without any filtration. An extraordinary fullness and freshness of flavor that can never be forgotten, a distinctive haze, proof of all the goodness a beer can have. 

From September 2014

Union Bok – Bok is the God of beer. A divine combination of roasted and caramel malt, improved with a distinctive hop bitterness, will bring joy to lovers of stout beers. A beer with character for a drinker with character.