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New plastic bottles for Pivovarna Union soft drinks

29. 6. 2011

The popular Sola, Zala and Za soft drink ranges welcome this summer in a new outfit. The elegantly shaped new plastic bottle is of a modern design, and follows the latest trends in the non-carbonated non-alcoholic drinks market.

Of course, appearance was not the only focus in the development of new packaging. Indeed, the plastic bottle features quite some characteristics illustrating Pivovarna Union’s increasing concern for the environment.

A lighter bottle

Further to its being the lightest of all those used by Slovenian soft drink manufacturers, the new plastic bottle is more convenient and user-friendly; it also means a reduction in the use of plastics, and consequently has a lower environmental impact.

Carbon (CO2) footprint reduced by 10%

Greenhouse gasses, of which CO2 accounts for 80%, play an important role in climate change. Today we are aware that a significant portion of greenhouse gas emissions can be attributed to manufacturing and transport. As a consequence, environmentally conscious companies pay special attention to their overall emissions of greenhouse gasses, and thus determine the carbon footprint of every product or service they provide. In the development of its new plastic bottle, Pivovarna Union has been very conscious about this issue, and accordingly reduced carbon emissions by 10%.


In collaboration with Slopak, Pivovarna Union has been collecting waste packaging in dedicated containers throughout for several years. Furthermore, the company organises special campaigns to raise consumer awareness as to the appropriate disposal of waste packaging in special recycling containers, so that it can be given a new life. Indeed, such waste is used in manufacture of various new products, including plastic bottles.

The new Sola, Zala and Za plastic bottle – pleasing to the eye and environment friendly.