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15. 1. 2015

The Union Brewery Pub was the winner of Prostor in pol 2014

The webpage of RTV SLO organized voting for "Prostor in pol 2014" (More than space 2014), listed the Union Brewery Pub as one of the competitors.
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22. 5. 2014

Donations to people affected by the floods in the Balkans

On Monday May 19, the Laško Group sent nine trucks of water to the affected regions of Serbia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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16. 5. 2014

UnionFest free sport and music event

Pivovarna Union ob 150-letnici obstoja v Parku Tivoli prireja posebno in brezplačno glasbeno-športno druženje za vse generacije.
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9. 5. 2014

150 years of one name

The Union Brewery, a synonym for quality beer and soft drinks, is celebrating a century and a half of hard work, which every year conscientiously delivers a volume of beverages that could fill 60 50m pools.
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