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Assai, a fruit full of life

14. 3. 2014

The fruits of the Assai palm tree are the strawberries of life because, from a nutritional standpoint, they have a very high energy and nutritional value.

The assai is a type of berry which grows on a palm tree. The Brazilians call this palm “a tree of life”.

These palm trees are cultivated along the Amazon River in Brasilia, while they can be also found in Colombia, Panama and Ecuador.

Assai berries are dark blue round drupes about 1- 1.5 cm in size, that grow in grapes-like clusters.  

Assai has a high content of antioxidants which prevent premature aging, it is also rich in fatty acids that are similar to the ones found in olive oil, that are known to control cardiovascular diseases and to balance cholesterol levels. Assai palm tree fruits are also rich in iron, calcium and potassium. Drinking Assai juice has a beneficial impact on mental wellbeing, reduces inflammation and protects the skin.  

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