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26. 2. 2015

Slovenian hops rank among the top varieties of hop in the world

The best known types of Slovenian hops are: Golding, Aurora, Bobek, Celeia, Magnum, Atlas.
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9. 5. 2014

Beer is the traditional European beverage

Although beer originally came from the old Egypt, the Europeans are the ones who took possession of it. The two countries that are primarily considered to be traditional beer countries are Germany and the Czech Republic.
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22. 4. 2014

Beer needs to be drafted three times.

Beer drinkers will be grateful if you serve them a glass of nicely drafted beer with some firm foam.
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14. 3. 2014

Assai, a fruit full of life

The fruits of the Assai palm tree are the strawberries of life because, from a nutritional standpoint, they have a very high energy and nutritional value.
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